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«Pest Management / Пест-Менеджмент» (РЭТ-инфо) № 1 (81)/2012


Hygiene. Its role and place in the medical sciences. The history of development. Contents. Perspectives


Konyshev I.S., Professor. Medical Institute of Postgraduate Medical FGBOU MGUPP, Volokolamskoye sh., 11, Moscow, Russia, 125080


A hygiene definition as «hygiene – the science of measures for human health protection and promotion, prevention of mass disease and lesion incidences, the maintenance of longterm creative longevity,» is suggested. The historical stages of hygiene development (empirical, supervisory, waiting, experimental, social, psycho - and intellecthygiene) are described. Content of hygiene is seen as eight sections (general, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, social medium, environmental health hygiene, mental hygiene). The significance of nonspecific methods of prophylaxis and elimination of biological threats is shown.


Key words: hygiene, health, human community, health factors, mentality, informatics, sanitary- biological control, disinfection


The results of epidemiological monitoring of tick-borne virus encephalitisfoci in the Yaroslavl region


Druzhinina T.A., Doctor of Medicine, Shishkina L.A., Yaroslavl regional Department of ROSPOTREBNADZOR. Ul. Voinov, 1, Yaroslavl, 150003,

Gerasimov, S.G., M.P. Chumakov Institute of Poliomyelitis & Virus Encephalitis, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Rural-type village «Institute of Poliomyelitis», 27th km of Kievskoye Highway, Leninsky District, Moscow Region 142782, Russia

Aleshkovskaya E.S., Cand. Sc. (Biol.). GOU VPO Yaroslavl State Medical Academy Roszdrav. Ul . Revolyutsionnaya, 5, Yaroslavl, 150000


The results of epidemiological monitoring of tick- borne virus encephalitis (TBVE) foci are presented in this article Retrospective analysis of TBVE sickness rate dynamics, characteristics of natural and anthropurgic foci, the rate of TBVE natural foci activities depended on different landscape zones in the region are given. The results of acaricide and laboratory investigations, proved the potential possibility of people infecting through the bites by Dermacenter reticulatus, are submitted.
As a result it was made the conclusion about necessary of TBVE prevention. It’s need to pay special attention to the immunization of population, acaricide treatments of the places mass population presence, permanent and temporary human  settlements, located in the natural TBVE foci (villas, cottages, suburban settlement communities), especially in high-coendemic foci, located in the floodplain swamp and forest landscapes.


Keywords: tick-borne virus encephalitis, epidemiological monitoring, natural and antropurgic foci, Ixodidae, vaccinal prevention, acaricide treatment.

Overall furs protection from biodeterioration by insects – keratophages.


Leka N.A. FGBOU VPO «K.I. Skrjabin Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology», ul. Academician Skrjabin, 23, Moscow, 109472.


An analytic review of methods and facilities to furs protection from biodamage by fabric pests is presented. The lists of registered insecticides against fabric pests are analyzed by preparation forms and active ingredients for the period 1992-2011 years. Active ingredients of fumigation and contact types are described. The schemes of the complex furs protection from the damages by fabric pests are suggested.


Key words: fabric pests, moth, dermestid, insecticides.


Studiesof ponds and open pools laboratory. The ecological arguments are also for Triflumuron

Kottcamp B.

New fumigation insecticides against blood-sucking and other insects indoor


Kostina M.N., Doctor of Biology, Luboshnikova V.M., Cand. Sc. (Chem), Risina T.Z., Cand. Sc. (Biol.), Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute by Pospotrebnadzor, Nauchny pr., 18, Moscow, 117246

Alesho N.A. Cand. Sc. (Biol.), Desinfection business and Medical entomology Department RMAPE Health Ministry RF., ul. Belomorskaya, 19/38, Moscow


Information about new registered fumigation insecticides against blood-sucking (mosquitoes, buffalo gnats, biting midges) or other flying insects (flies, wasps) is presented. Termosublimation cartridges, powders, briquets, tablets – for indoor non-residential areas, as well as single buildings are described. Insecticides in aerosol package against flying indoor insects and spirals agaist blood-sucking insects out-of-doors are characterized


Key words: Highly volatile pyrethroids, electro fumigation insecticide liquids and plates, spirals, ropes, tablets, briquets, mosquitoes, flies, wasps.

New insecticide against different species ants


Kostina M.N., Doctor of Biology, Alekseeva J.P, Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute by Pospotrebnadzor, Nauchny pr., 18, Moscow, 117246


The results of their own original tests on the effectiveness of targeted new insecticide against different species ants are shown. Preparative form – small granules – is easy to use: they can be used both in dry and wet, to moisten in water for pasty mass. This insecticide is very effective (for quickly extermination) against Pharaoh ants indoors and different garden ant species in greenhouses, forcing frames, garden paths, or on the verandas.


Keywords: Garden ants, food baits, fipronil granules, tests on location, greenhouses, anthills.


Information letter «About the non-specific prevention of tick-borne virus encephalitis, tick-borne borreliosis (Lyme disease), Crimean hemorrhagic fever and other ticks transmitted infections (as of 01/01/2012)»


Shashina N. I., Doctor of Biology, Germant O.M., Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute by Pospotrebnadzor, Nauchny pr., 18, Moscow, 117246

Pakskina N.D., Cand. Sc. (Med.), Federal service on customers' rights protection and human well-being surveillance. Vadkovsky per., 18, Moscow, 127994

Tsarenko V.A., Verigina, E.V. FBIH «Federal Center of Hygiene and Epidemiolo-gy» Rospotrebnadzor, Varshavskoye sh, 19-a, Moscow, 117105


The information about the sickness-rate of tick-borne virus encephalitis, tick-borne borreliosis (Lyme disease) and Crimean hemorrhagic fever in the Russian Federation in 2011 is presented. Current situation with nonspecific prevention of natural focal infections, transmitted by ticks is analyzed. The data of all drugs and formulations allowed to use as acaricides in natural habitats, as personal protective equipment from ticks and new documents for prevention of tick-borne described.


Keywords: ticks, tick-borne encephalitis, tick- borne borreliosis, Crimean hemorrhagic fever, nonspecific prophylaxis.


7 International Integrated Pests Management Symposium


Sapunov V.B., St.Petersburg, State Agricultural University


The main topics of international conference, organized in USA, Memphis in March 2010 were considered. The meeting took place under domination of American scientific schools. Participance of specialists from Asia region was significant too. Consideration of world problems of pest control was accompanied by discussion of scientific basis of per management and public relations on the problems of pest control. Despite of great achievements of pest control, the progress of pests takes place all over the world. The future of pest control must be based on the complex approaches based on knowledge of modern biological and technical sciences and ecological education.


Key words: pests, ecological management, United States of America.


 Advances of Epidemiology Department for 80 years, its activities in the modern period

Shaposhnikov A. A., Yushenko G. V., Petruhina M. I.

Memory of Alexander Iosiphovich Levitin