ISSN 2076-8462


«Pest Management / Пест-Менеджмент» (РЭТ-инфо) № 1 (85)/2013


Information Letter «About non-specific prevention of tick-borne virus encephalitis, Ixodes tick-borne borreliosis, Crimean hemorrhagic fever and other infections that causative agents are transferred by ticks (as of 01/01/2013 was)» 


Shestopalov N.V., Shashina N.I., Germant O.M., Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute by Rospotrebnadzor

Pakskina N.D., Rospotrebnadzor

Chernyavskaya O.P., Tsarenko VA, Osipova N.Z., Verigina E.V, Federal Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology by Rospotrebnadzor 


The data on the sickness rate of tick-borne encephalitis, tick-borne borreliosis and Crimean hemorrhagic fever in the Russian Federation in 2012 are given. The present situation with non-specific prophylaxis of natural focal tick-borne infections is analyzed. Information on all approved drugs for anti-ticks treatment of natural habitats, personal protection from ticks and new documents on ticksborne infections prophylaxis are presented. 


Key words: ticks, tick-borne encephalitis, tickborne borreliosis, Crimean hemorrhagic fever, nonspecific prophylaxis.  


Creation composition of universal preparation with prolonged residual effect to fur protection from damage caused by keratophag- insects 


Leka N. A., Sapozhnikova A. I., Doctor of technics, K. I. Skryabin’s Moscow state Veterinary medicine and biotechnology academy

Eremina O. Yu., Doctor of Biology, Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute by Rospotrebnadzor,

Bendrysheva S. N., Cand Sci.(Chem.)., Company Limited “UK Biograd”, Center of innovations and developments


 Formulation of universal preparation in aerosol package for protection of fur, wool and their products has been developed. Its high and acute ovicide effect was shown as for cloth treatment and for fur half-stuff. Residual effect on moth caterpillar and dermestids larvae is over 12 months. Addition of pyriproxyfen with delayed insecticide effect, longlasting antifidant action and providing prolonged effect on keratophag- insects, being the analog of juvenile hormone, into formulation is grounded. 


Key words: permethrine, transfluthrin, pyriproxyfen, moth, dermestids  

Seroepiemiological and epizootological study of tick-borne rickettsioses in republic of Guinea


 Bouaro M. Y., Kalivogui S., Konstantinov O. K., Plotnikova L. F., Balde M. C., Institut Pasteur de Guinee, B.P.146, Kindia, Republique de Guinee,

Diallo M.B., Direction Nationale de l’Elevage, IRAG, Conakry, Republique de Guinee 


For the first time in the Republic of Guinea it was established a circulation of Rickettsia africae – the pathogenic agent of African tick spotted fever, Coxiella burnetii – the pathogenic agent of Q fever, and Cowdria ruminantium – the pathogenic agent of cowdriose. This circulation was detected in all 4 natural zones of Guinea. The prevalence of antibodies in human serums to R. africae was 10,6±0,7%, for cattle 7,6±0,6% on the average. The percent of positive human serums with antigen C. burnetii was 2,4±0,3% on the average and 8,0±0,6% for cattle. The prevalence of antibodies in cattle to C. ruminantium was 40%. The role of Ixodidae ticks as vectors of rickettsies was confirmed. Natural infestation of ticks by rickettsies in haemolymph test was 1,5%; in immunoflorescence 0,5% for R. africae, and 0,3% for C. burnetii. As many aspects of this circulation and the epidemiological importance of theses rickettsioses in the morbidity structure of Guinea and epizootological importance for cattle breeding stay still unknown, it’s necessary to continue researches with utilizing the moor modern laboratory methods. 

Key words: tick borne rickettsioses, epidemiology, epizootology, Republic of Guinea   

The results of the dirofilariasis study in Khabarovsk 


Ivanovа I. B, Kotova V. O. FBIS Khabarovsk Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology by Rospotrebnadzor, ul. Shevchenko, Khabarovsk 2, 680000

Ibragimov R., Veterinary Center "Beethoven", ul. Pavel Morozov, 46, Khabarovsk 


The results of dogs and mosquitoesinfection rate with Dirofilariastudy in Khabarovsk in 2010–2012 are presented in this article. 


Keywords: dirofilariasis, dogsinfection rate, Dirofilaria immitis, D. repens  


ECO glue – insecticide-free preparation for insects and rodents extermination 


Kostina M. N., Doctor of Biology, Ryabov S. V., Cand Sci.(Biol.), Limantsev A. V., Cand Sci.(Biol.), Rusakov V. N., Cand Sci.(Med.), Makhonina T. Yu. 


A new insecto-rodenticide glue «ECO-glue», made in Korea,, in the form of adhesive mass without toxic substances is registered. This glue is destine for application on a substrate to catch insects (different cockroach species, flies, mosquitoes, moths) and rodents (rats, mice, voles). Norms of glue application, depending on the target species are determined. Method of the glue use is specified, efficiency indexes are described, toxicological evaluation with safety precautions and the method of utilization are given 


Key words: glue, environmentally safe insectorodenticide, rodents, insects, field of use  


Organization of disinfection measures on the railway transport objects of the Perm branch FBUZ «Сenter of hygiene and epidemiology on railway transport» 


Myschik S. M., Morozova I. S. Organization of disinfection measures on railway objects of Perm branch FSHI «Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology on railways transport». Ul Borovaya, 20, Perm, 614046 


The results of analysis of disinfection measures organization on the objects of railway transport are presented. The estimation of entomological and acarological situations throughout the defending territory is given.