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«Pest Managment» (RAT-Info) № 2 (74)/2010


ORDER 08.06.2010 NO. 233 ABOUT scientific-practical conference with international participation


The RESOLUTION dated 26.04.2010 No. 38 approval JV "Prevention of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome"


The ORDER dated 20.05.2010 No. 185 On holding the meeting of specialists carrying out surveillance of infectious diseases


The ORDER dated 05.05.2010 No. 163 On the holding of the IV Regional scientific-practical conference "Topical issues of infectious diseases in the far East of the Russian Federation"


LETTER dated 11.05.2010, No. 01/7133-10-32 administration of Rospotrebnadzor the subjects of the Russian Federation, on railway transport Chief physicians FGUZ "Center of hygiene and epidemiology" subjects of the Russian Federation, on the railway transport the heads of the health authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation On malaria situation in the Russian Federation in 2009


About harmonization of hygienic regulations concerning content of chemicals in water bodies


Turbinsky V.V., main specialist-expert, Cand. (Med) Sci., Novosibirsk regional Department of the Russian Consumer Inspection (Rospotrebnadzor), Novosibirsk,

Khmelev V.A., associate professor of Department «Waterways, hydraulics and hydroecology», Novosibirsk state academy of water transport, Novosibirsk.,


Water bodies pollution by hazardous substances and causative microorganisms is an inherent consequence in some periods of manufacture and agriculture development. Historical review of hygienic regulations concerning hygiene of water consumption and comparative analysis of Russian and foreign experience in standardization of chemical substances in drinking water are presented in this article. Propositions regarding development of hygienic regulations system are given.


Key words: drinking water, hygiene of water consumption, drinking water quality ratings – chemical, microbiological, radiological, organoleptic, water bodies sanitary protection, sewage water.   

Monitoring of pesticides use and estimation of their residual quantity in Kursk region environmental objects.


Chernykh A.M., Doctor of Medicine, e-mail:, State Education Institution of Higher Professional Education «Kursk State Medical University of ROSZDRAV»

Kovalchuk M.L., Maltseva I.S. Federal State Health Institution «Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Kursk region», Kursk


The article deals with the evaluation of modern trends of pesticides usage and determination of their remained quantities in the environmental subjects of Kursk region. The decrease of tempo, changes of structure and list of used pesticides are determined during this research. The amount of organochlorides and organophosphates is decreased while the usage of carbomates, geterocycled chemicals, azole compounds, avermectines, neonicotinoides and compounds of ariloxiphenoxi-propionic acides is increased.


Keywords: pesticides, environmental objects, public health.


Estimation of rabies epizootic and epidemic situation in Kursk region


Bernshtein M.M., Department of the Federal Russian Consumer Inspection (Rospotrebnadzor) in Kursk region.

Volgina I.V., Federal State Health Institution «Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Kursk region», Kursk


Dynamics of rabies epizooty activity for the last 25 years in Kursk region is shown. It’s noted that longterm trend of animal rabies cases registration have got positive dynamics. For that period 15 people have died from rabies in 9 regional districts and in Kursk. Correlation between the level of rabies epizooty and intensity of people appealability for antirabic treatment is shown. It’s noted high efficiency of regular and integrated preventive measures and their less efficiency when one of aforesaid conditions isn’t provided.


Keywords: rabies, epizooty, wide carnivorous, number control.


Integrated pest-management of rodents: problems and decisions Part 2. Rodents control as a system


Rylnikov V.A. d-r biol. s. Nonstate private scientific and educational institution «Institute of Pest Management» Vvedenskogo street, 12-1, Moscow, 117342;


Features of geographical and ecological populations of brown rats define the annual efficiency which estimation is important for evaluation of necessary efforts directed on their management. It is offered to consider features of dynamics of parameters of populations of rodents depending on their geographical, point habitats position and a season that, finally, defines degree of stability of population of rodents to destruction. Stability of population of rodents to destruction will decrease, apparently, from the south on the north, from summer by the winter, and also from habitats with the best conditions of dwelling to the worst. Depending on it to enter factor of effort which allows to achieve necessary size of specific death rate at management of population of rodents regarding its compulsory component, to reach admissible level of number.


Keywords: birth rate, death rate, immigration, emigration, decrease and restoration of number of the rodents, integrated pest management, ecologically-based rodent management. 


Estimation of efficiency of antymusty treatment technology in therapy-preventive institutions


Neschislyaeva T.N, Morozova I.S, Perm branch FGUZ Federal Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology on Rail Transport

Kopysova N.V., NEO «Otdelencheskaya Clinical Hospital at the station Perm-2».


The results of mycological examination facilities PTF, developed the technology from mold treatments in health care facilities with the use of special equipment for the destruction and the prevention of mold contamination in the air and on surfaces. The order, method of application, concentration of working with fungicidal action...

New microcapsulated preparation «DeltaZona m.k.» with wide action spectrum


Kostina M.N. Doctor of Biology, Maltseva M.M., Novikova .E.A., Lopatina Y.V. Cand. Sc. (Biol.), Research Disinfectology Institute by Russian Consumer Inspection (Rospotrebnadzor), Moscow


New preparation «DeltaZona m.k.» in form of 2,5% microcapsulated suspension on basis of deltamethrine came into modern insecto- acaricide assortment. It’s found high insecto- acaricide effect on cockroach, ants, bugs, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and rat mites. «DeltaZona m.k.» is more effective and more harmless for homoiotherms than concentrates on organic base.   


About the article «Unsolved problems with postgraduate education in disinfectology and disinfection business specialties» by Ipatov V.P. and Mahan’ko E.V.


Shkarin V.V., Arjazeva A.N. State Education Institution of Higher Professional Education «Nizhny Novgorod State medical Academy of ROSZDRAV». Nizhny Novgorod,


Different aspects of postgraduate education for graduate student of medico- preventive department of medical institution, possibility of primary specialization in «epidemiology» and subsequent education in dizinfectology advanced training program are considered in the article..


Keywords: epidemiology, disinfectology, biology, postgraduate education, primary specialization.    


Emotional-aesthetic aspects in hygiene.


Artamonov V.Ya., Arbatsky V.P., Kostuchenko Yu. A., Turbinsky V.V., Khlustova E.V.