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V. A. Rylnikov, - doctor of Biological Sciences, director, Nonstate scientifical-educational institution “Institute of Pest Management” , Moscow region.



Editorial Board:




V. P. Sergiev, academician RAS, Doctor of medicine

V. G. Akimkin, academician RAS, Doctor of medicine

V. V. Shkarin, professor, Corresponding Member of the RAMS

A. V. Surov, Doctor of Biology, Corresponding Member of the RAS

S. A. Roslavtseva, professor, Doctor of Biology

T. M. Guzeeva, professor, Doctor of Medicine

L. A. Ganushkina, Doctor of Biology

N. I. Shashina, Doctor of Biology

A. M. Matrosov, Doctor of Biology

A. Ya. Nikitin, Doctor of Biology

M. V. Bidevkina, Doctor of medicine

E. V. Dubinina, candidate of sciences


Great Britain:

Dr. Colin V. Prescott,   Associate Professor of Wildlife Management,  Director - Vertebrate Pests Unit


Republic of Guinea:

M.Y. Boiro, - Ph. D. Pasteur Institute of Guinea, Kindia

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