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«Pest Management / Пест-Менеджмент» (РЭТ-инфо) № 3 (87)/2013


Materials on the disinfection activities of specialized institutions in the Russian Federation according to the Federal statistics observation Form No 27 «Information on disinfection activity in 2012»


Osipova N.Z., Tsarenko V.A., Cherniavskaya O.P., Vereschagin A.I.

FSHI «Federal Hygiene and Epidemiology Center» by Rospotrebnadzor, Varshavskoye sh., 19 а, Moscow, 117105


The analysis of the statistics data recorded in the Form No 27 «Information on disinfection activity in 2012» for 2010-2012 was carried out, and also evaluation of disinfection institutions activities in the Russian Federation was conducted. The information concerning the disinfection institutions system, structural subdivisions, disinfection staff dynamics, professional training is presented. According to the analysis quality and volume dynamics of preventive disinfection, disinsection and deratization activities, as well as of the final disinfection in the infection diseases foci are shown. 

Keywords: disinfection institutions, deratization, disinsection and and disinfection measures, statistics data. 


Beavers. Biology, their place in ecosystems and significance for human

Popov I. Yu. PhD (Biol.), A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution 33 Leninskij prosp., Moscow, 119071


The article is devoted to different aspects of beavers’ biology, ecology, distribution, human attitude towards beavers and their significance for the environment, count methods, preventive measures to beaver numbers control.


Keywords : beavers, habitat, lifestyle, construction activity, hut, dam , numbers control, repellents, fencing, trapping.


Barrier – glue trap – an environmentally safe insecto -rodenticide


Kostina M.N., Doctor of Biology, Ryabov S.V. Ph.D. (Biol.), Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute by Pospotrebnadzor, Nauchny pr., 18, Moscow, 117246

Alesho N.A. Ph.D. (Biol.), Russian Medical Academy of Postdiploma Education, ul. Belomoskaya, 19/38, Moscow


A new domestic insectorodenticide «Barrier – glue trap» for the capture of flying (flies , butterflies, moths ) and flightless (cockroaches) insects and rodents of various species (mice, voles, rats) has №3 2013 год been developed and is produced.Glue mass contains no toxic substances and is produced as in the form of glue (for adhesive substrates self- preparation) and in the form of readyforms – traps, cases, tapes. It has high fixing capability without repellent effect.


Key words : glue-mass, glue, plate, trap, flies, cockroaches, rodents, water resistant case, container, monitoring , numbers.

Dominator Plus – a new insectoacaricide on malathion

Kostina M. N., Doctor of Biology, Lopatina Yu.V., Ph.D. (Biol.) Bidevkina M.V., Ph.D. (Biol.), Potapova T.N., Alekseeva Zh.P. Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute by Pospotrebnadzor, Nauchny pr., 18, Moscow, 117246


A new domestic insectoacaricide in the form of emulsion concentrate based on malathion (58%) from the PhOC group being the best pyrethroids substitute under resistance appearance to them is developed. The concentrate has an acute and residual activity on a wide range of domestic arthropods in concentrations of 0.5-2.0 % (active substance).


Keywords: insectoacaricide , concentrate, organophosphorous compound (PhOC), pyrethroids, malathion, arthropods, rotation system. 

Efficacy evaluation of rodenticide-paraffin blocks exposed to the fieldwork


S. Papini, E. De Masi, Coordenação de VigilânciaemSaúde (SMS/PMSP), Santa Isabel, 181, São Paulo/SP, e-mail: spapini@prefeitura.,

E. S. Narciso, L. E. Nakagawa, Laboratório de Toxicologia (Instituto Biológico/APTA), Conselheiro Rodrigues Alves, 1252, São Paulo/SP


This work evaluates the paraffin blocks (ASbromadiolone) efficacy exposed to the fieldwork. To control the norway rat, Rattus norvegicus the paraffin blocks placed at sites of their habitat, so the blocks naturally exposed to moisture and temperature variations and others local factors, which modify their appearance.These conditions may influence the drug efficacy and make necessary to change blocks by new ones that leads to increasing the work cost.


Keywords: synanthropic rodents, paraffin blocks, bromadiolone , rodent control. 

Mechanisms of insectoacaricides actions. Report 1. Organochlorinecompounds(DDT, HChCH), avermectins, phenylpyrazoles, carbazate, organophosphates, carbamates


Roslavtseva S.A. , professor . Scientific Research Disinfectology Institute by Pospotrebnadzor, Nauchny pr., 18, Moscow, 117246


The main mechanisms of organochlorine and organophosphorous insectoacaricides actions, as well as carbamates, pyrethtroids, neonicotinoids, phenylpyrazoles, aminohydrazones, avermectins and other compounds with insectoacaricides effect are described. 

The use of IT- programs in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


J. C. Smits, Chief Executive Officer of PestScan, Gouda-The Netherlands


In this paper, we examine how well-designed IT- solution can contribute to an integrated Pest Management (IPM-Integrated Pest Management). Such a system will enable professionals working in the field of Pest Management collect data accurately and consistently, which, in turn, affect the quality of the analysis of the situation for the owners of the territory . We also talk about how Pest – control tips creation and application shift the focus from the work of pest control work to prevent their occurrence thus reducing the use of toxic chemicals.


Keywords : Integrated Pest Management program (IPM-Integrated Pest Management), software, advice management, reduction of toxicants. 


Eurasian scientific- practical pest – management conference «Ist EuroAsian Pest Management Conference, EAPMS-2013» The results