ISSN 2076-8462


«Pest Managment» (RAT-Info) № 3 (91)/2014


Efficacy of experimental drug forms of albendazole and medamine at murine trichinellosis model of muscular phase T. spiralis invasion


Kovalenko F. P., professor, doctor of medical sciences, Kukhaleva I. V., Legonkov Y. A., Repina E. A.,

1st MSMU named by I. M. Sechenov, 20 st. Malaya Pirogovskaya, Moscow, 119435


100% larvicidal effect of new albendazole and medamine experimental drug forms was achieved at muscular phase of T. spiralis hyperinvasion in white mice under control of the new intravital diagnostic method. The fool resorption of destructed T. spiralis larvae end surrounding host capsules observed in mice after treatment with drug formulation of medamine.


Keywords: T. spiralis, encapsulation larvae, trichinellosis, albendazole, medamine, carbendazim, experimental model, treatment.  


Dynamics of the infectiousdiseasesnatural foci activityon the territory of the Volga Federal district, cause-effect relation


Udovikov A. I., Doctor of Biology; Yashechkin Y. I., Associate of Medical Sciences; Tarasov M. A., Doctor of Biology; Tolokonnikova S. I., Associate of Biological Sciences; Ryabova A. V.;

Rospotrebnadzor Federal Government Health Institution Russian Research Anti-Plague Institute «Microbe», 410005, Saratov, Universitetskaya St., 46


On the example of the Volga Federal District (PFD) it was made an attempt to analyze the cause-effect relation of external factors and activity of infections natural foci. Important parameters suchas the number ofcarriers and vectors, the infestation rate and population incidencehave been mapped.


Keywords: natural foci of disease, factors foci, epizootic activity dynamics. 


Analogues of insect juvenile hormone: use in veterinary and medical disinsection


Eremina O. Yu. -1, Olekhnovich E. I. -1,2, Roslavtseva S. A. -1

1 - Scientific Research of Institute Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor RF, Nauchny pr., 18, Moscow, 117246

2 - Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named K.I. Skryabin, ul ac. Skryabin, 23, Moscow 109472


Materials from the latest foreign and domestic sources devoted to the mechanism of analogues of juvenile hormone (JHA) action and practical application in the field of veterinary and medical disinfestation are presented. Use of synthetic pyrethroids or phenylpyrazoles mixtures with S-methoprene and pyriproxyfen allowed to develop highly efficient modern veterinary drugs for small pets parasitic insects (lice, fleas), mites (itch) and ticks (Ixodes) control. These drugs have low toxicity to warm-blooded animals and humans, have no teratogenic, mutagenic, carcerogenic and photosensitizing properties. Formulations, containing methoprene, pyriproxyfen, fenoxycarb and hydroprene as active agent, are applied in the field of medical disinsection for human pathogens carriers and synanthropic arthropods control. Hydroprene sterilizing effect on the commensal cockroaches is used to develop formulations for these insects control. The most widely JHA is used to mosquito larvae control. The development of insects, mites and ticks resistance to insectoacaricide makes us to look for alternative pest control ways, one of them is the JHA use. However, because of the possibility of resistance developing to the JHA group drugs, it is necessary to comply with the recommended rotation scheme. JHA application (in combination with insecticides) against moths and carpet beetles, for animals treatment of lice, fleas and also invasions caused by itch mites is perspective.  

New larvicide from the group of insect development regulators


Kostina M. N., Doctor of Biology, Bidevkina M. V. Ph. D. (Med.), Shushkov Yu. M. Scientific Research Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor RF, Nauchny pr., 18, Moscow, 117246


The target efficiency and safety for warmblooded animals of insecticide «Baycidal WP25» as flies and mosquitoes larvicide are studied in detail. Application concentration and rates, depending on the type of flies and mosquitoes breeding places are revealed. Regulated conditions of this larvicide use, depending on it destination are studied and recommended for specialists from the pest control services. Triflumuron toxicological characteristics are presented.


Keywords: triflumuron, chitin synthesis inhibitor, regulators of insect development, larvicide, flies, mosquitoes, water reservoir, breeding sites, toxicity, white rats. 


Experience of insecticide use to snakes repel on the territory of the rural settlement in the Kostroma region 

Ivanitskaya E. G., Ivanitskii A. V.


International Conference on Urban Pests – 8


Sapunov V. B., St. Petersburg State Agricultural University


The main topics of international conference, organized in Zurich (Swiss) in July 2014 were considered. Consideration of world problems of pest control was accompanied by discussion of specific pest and environment problems of central Europe. Despite of great achievements of pest control, the progress of pests takes place all over the world. The future of pest control must be based on the complex approaches based on knowledge of modern biological and technical sciences and ecological education and keeping in mind policy of «Green economy» by United Nations.


Keywords: pests, ecological management, Swiss.