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Pest-Management № 4 (108)/2018


 DOI: 10.25732/PM.2019.108.4.001


Sanitary-parasitological condition of the soil of the children's playgrounds of Astrakhan city in 2018



Arakelyan R. S. - 1, Arakelyan A. S. - 2, Stepanenko E. A. - 3, Chekunova L. N., Nuralieva A. K., Dedova E. N., Magomedova Kh. M., Chivirgina T. V., Rogacheva A. A., Ityaxova V. A., Mandzhieva T. A. - 1

1 - Astrakhan State Medical University

2 - Alexandro-Mariinsky Regional Clinical Hospital

3 - Astrakhan State Technical University


Annotation. The authors in their article analyze the soil samples taken from sandboxes of children's playgrounds in three central districts of Astrakhan, from 2016 to 2018. A study of 304 soil samples was conducted. Soil samples were taken from various places, including 134 samples from sandboxes of playgrounds (44,1%), of which 22 did not meet sanitary and parasitological indicators, the incidence rate was 16,4%. Microbiologically all samples are normal.


Keywords: soil, strongylides, roundworm, eggs and larvae of helminths, children's sandboxes, playgrounds.


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 DOI: 10.25732/PM.2019.108.4.002


Clinical and epidemiological features of the course Astrakhan rickettsial fever, depending on the availability hemorrhagic syndrome


Bedlinskaya N. R., Candidate of Medical Sciences

Galimzyanov Kh..M., Doctor of Medical Sciences

Mirekina E. V., Candidate of Medical Sciences

FGBOU VO Astrakhan State Medical University Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation ul. Bakinskaya 121, 414000, Astrakhan, Russia,


Comparative analysis and comprehensive study of clinical and epidemiological manifestations of Astrakhan rickettsiosis fever (ARL) revealed epidemiological aspects and clinical features of the disease depending on the presence of hemorrhagic syndrome (HS).


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 DOI: 10.25732/PM.2019.108.4.003


Food insecticidal bait ≪Tanzanite≫ based on a binary mixture of compounds of the entericcontact action


Kostina, M.N., Doctor of Biology, Bidevkiva, M.V., Doctor of Medicine, Vinogradova A. I.

Scientific Research Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor, 18 Nauchniy proezd. Moscow 117246, Russian Federation


Summary. The target efficacy and safety of food bait «Tanzanite» in the form of gel containing as an active ingredient (DV) a mixture of two compounds from different chemical groups: neonicotinoid acetamiprid (0.5%) and analog of juvenile hormone (AUG) methoprene (0.25%) was studied. The attractiveness for a number of insect species (cockroaches, ants, flies, wasps), the effectiveness and duration of the residual action both in laboratory and in-situ conditions have been established.


Keywords: food bait, gel, neonicotinoids, acetamiprid, methopren, toxicity, flies, wasps, cockroaches, ants, residual effect.


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 DOI: 10.25732/PM.2019.108.4.004


Optimization of the determination of active substances in insectorodenticide means on the basis of fipronil derivatives with 4-hydroxycoumarin by the method of RP HPLC



Nosikova L. A., Ph. D. (Chemistry), associate professor MIREA – Russian Technological University (M. V. Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies), (86, Vernadskogo Pr., Moscow, 119571, Russia); senior researcher A. N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCE RAS), (31, Leninsky Pr, Moscow, 119991, Russia); E-mail:, ResearherID 679715.


Kochetov A. N., Ph. D. (Chemistry), Senior Lecturer MIREA – Russian Technological University (M. V. Lomonosov Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies), (86, Vernadskogo Pr., Moscow, 119571, Russia), E-mail:, ResearherID: 213376.


Summary. Examples of joint determination of fipronil (an insecticide phenylpyrazole number) and the product appears (anticoagulant rodenticide 4-hydroxycoumarin series) by the method of RP HPLC are considered. Optimization of the extraction conditions of various preparative forms on the basis on these active substances, including hard and soft briquettes containing food components and paraffin as matrices, has been carried out. The possibility and expediency of estimating the isomeric composition of title derivatives are discussed. The found conditions of chromatographic determination in the isocratic regime open wide opportunities both for harmonization of methods of analysis of other insecticidal agents on the basis of homologues of 4-hydroxycumarine series and for implementation of the procedure of evaluation of suppliers or establishment of the fact of product falsification.


Keywords: insecto vodenticide, fipronil, warfarin, couma tetralyl, bromadiolone, difenacoum, flocoumafen, brodifacoum, RP HPLC, evaluation of suppliers, counterfeit, cis-, trans-, «isomers».


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Problems in the organization of disinfection measures, disinfectology licensing issues in the territory of the Sverdlovsk region


Aflitonova N. V.


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